how to use dmso for weight loss

How to Use DMSO for Weight Loss

DMSO, or Dimethyl sulfoxide, is an organic solvent initially used for medical, industrial, and scientific purposes. As researchers explored its anti-inflammatory properties, the compound instantly became popular as an excellent pain and swelling reliever. However, recently, people have been using it as a weight loss aid. 

DMSO can be effective for weight loss because it can penetrate the skin and break fat cells. These broken cells are then removed from the body through feces or urine. DMSO can also reduce inflammation and boost metabolism to promote quick calorie burn.

Like every other weight loss supplement, DMSO also has a few risks that you can easily avoid by consuming it correctly. If you have no idea how to use DMSO for weight loss, this guide will tell you everything you need to know. So, let’s dive in.

DMSO for Weight Loss: Does It Work?

How to Use DMSO for Weight Loss

Many research studies have found anti-inflammatory properties in DMSO, making it an excellent medicine for painful symptoms. But what makes DMSO effective for weight loss is its ability to act as a carrier agent. 

Whether you apply its topical creams or consume it orally, the compound will target your fat cells and stimulate your metabolism. This results in reduced body weight and fat mass, leading to a safe and quick weight loss. 

One study also found that applying topical DMSO on the face can minimize the fat content, reduce wrinkles, and tighten loose skin around the chin and cheeks. You will start noticing the results with consistent use of the cream.

How to Use DMSO for Weight Loss?

You must know how to use DMSO for weight loss for a safe and effective experience. Here are some easy steps to help you out:

1. Consult a Healthcare Professional

Never use any weight loss aid without consulting a professional, no matter how natural it is. You may have an allergy to a specific component, which your healthcare provider can quickly diagnose during the visit. They will also guide you about the suitable dosage of DMSO based on your body’s requirements. 

2. Buy a Quality DMSO Product

When buying a DMSO, look for a reputed brand and whether the product is of pharmaceutical grade. Such products are natural and pure, with fewer risks of contaminants. 

3. Dilute DMSO Before Using

Once you buy the right DMSO product, the next step is applying it to your body. Never use the compound on your skin as is. Most DMSO products are usually quite concentrated, so they may irritate your skin.

Always mix DMSO with aloe vera gel or safe carrier oil to improve its absorption and reduce the chances of allergy. The best concentration would be 3:1 for DMSO and water. 

4. Apply the Product

After achieving the right DMSO consistency, clean your hands thoroughly to prevent the bacteria from transferring to your body. Then, take a small amount of the mixture and massage it gently on your skin. Target those areas with lots of stubborn fat, including your face. 

Ensure the area is clean and dry to provide the best surface for DMSO absorption. Wait at least 15 to 20 minutes to let the DMSO penetrate your skin. Then, cover the area with a cloth or a bandage. 

Don’t forget to wash your hands afterward to prevent DMSO from getting into your eyes or mouth. Use it twice a day, but you can gradually increase the dosage as your skin becomes more tolerant. 

Lastly, store the DMSO liquid or topical in a cool, dry place away from pets, children, and direct sunlight or heat. It will preserve the effectiveness of the compound for a long time. 

5. Drink Lots of Water and Keep Monitoring Your Progress

Since DMSO boosts your metabolism, you should drink plenty of water to maintain the best hydration level. It will support your weight loss by eliminating broken fat cells and toxins from the body.

Remember, continuous use of DMSO can cause some side effects. So, always keep an eye on your progress and how your body is reacting to the compound. If you experience any adverse reactions, stop using it and consult a healthcare provider immediately. 

Following these steps will ensure you use DMSO for weight loss the best way. However, you must also maintain a balanced diet and practice a regular workout routine to support your weight loss journey. 

Note: While the FDA approves DMSO medicine for bladder syndromes, it doesn’t approve the liquid DMSO. Misusing it can cause skin irritation, liver damage, or respiratory issues.

The Right DMSO Dosage for Weight Loss

DMSO is available as gels, creams, and liquids. You must know the right dosage for each form to achieve your weight loss goals. 

While 1-2% of DMSO cream effectively reduces wrinkles and freezing tissues, it won’t be enough to shed some extra pounds. For weight loss, you need higher concentrations depending on your goals and body type. 

As a safe practice, stay within the 15% concentration range to prevent skin irritation and minimize risks. As a beginner, you will likely struggle to determine the correct DMSO dosage due to its varying potency. Online resources are helpful, but they may not be reliable.

Therefore, always consult a professional healthcare provider before using DMSO for weight loss. They will assess your body and medical history and recommend the proper dosage accordingly. 

Some Potential Risks of DMSO

DMSO may seem like a great option to lose weight, but it does come with many potential side effects. A few of them include:

  • Skin Allergy. People with sensitive skin are more likely to develop skin irritation, itchiness, and redness from topical DMSO. 
  • Drug Interaction. DMSO can interact with specific medications, like blood thinners, causing alarming side effects. 
  • Liver Damage. People with liver issues must avoid DMSO as it can damage the organ. 

Always talk to a healthcare professional before consuming DMSO to lose weight. 

DMSO for Weight Loss: Key Takeaway

DMSO comes as a gel, cream, and liquid. The best way to use DMSO for weight loss is by applying it directly to your skin on areas with fat deposits. Make sure to clean your skin beforehand to promote quick absorption. 

Remember, DMSO is effective for weight loss but has potential side effects. It’s essential to dilute liquid DMSO with a carrier oil to prevent skin irritation and stay within the dosage recommended to you by a healthcare professional. 

Have a safe and rapid weight loss journey!




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