Team Detail

Dr. Ravi Ramanathan

Founder, Medical Director

Ravi Ramanthan, MD (Dr. Ram) over 20 years ago founded Family Doctors of Green Valley (FDOGV) now known as Family Doctors Medical Center (FDMC). He obtained his medical degree at the University of Nevada School of Medicine in Reno. Following his education, he continued his postgraduate training at multiple schools in Nevada where he taught as an Associate Professor.

Prior to opening FDMC, he had a vision of broadening his scope of quality family care by providing state-of-the-art services in Green Valley, Henderson, and Las Vegas. Since then, he opened his practice and now is the Medical Director where he works side by side with his peers in helping FDMC’s patients.

Dr. Ram views his private practice not as a business, but as a traditional family practice. He grows relationships with patients and their family by offering the care they deserve using the latest technology and treatments that modern medicine has to offer. Dr. Ram’s comforting bedside manner, caring attitude, and open availability have helped him grow his practice.

Dr. Ram in his spare time enjoys spending time with his family and helping the practice improve. He is always looking for more ways to serve his patients.

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