Personal Injury

Family Doctors Medical Center provides our patients with a complete array of health-care services for accidental injuries. Whether you’ve been hurt in a car accident or on the job you can count on the medical providers at Family Doctors Medical Center to provide appropriate diagnostics and recovery for your personal injury.

Our providers will:

  • Perform initial exams and evaluations. We are very adept at recognizing and accessing your injuries.
  • Work with you to diagnose or rule out any potentially serious conditions that may result in future impact of your life.
  • Prescribe treatments, prescriptions and diagnostic exams.
  • Work in stabilizing injuries to ensure they have no lasting effect on life
  • Focus on helping to alleviate any pain or discomfort from the injury.

If your provider recommends you undergo screening such as MRI and X-rays, our Pecos location gives you the convenience of onsite MRI and X-ray services. If these services are not covered by your insurance, please contact us on our affordable cash prices. Our providers will work closely with you on a treatment plan after carefully examining the results.

Depending on your injuries and your needs, Family Doctors can also provide referrals to:

  • Pain management doctors,
  • Specialists, and
  • Physical therapists.

We advise on a treatment plan that will best help you recover and help you navigate the insurance and paperwork.

It is recommended to visit a doctor within 72 hours after getting into an accident to be assessed for accident-related injury. Family Doctors Medical Center has real time online appointment booking 24 hours a day. The sooner you contact us after an accident, the sooner we can help!

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